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Effect of probiotics on growth of shrimps farming : A biochemical and immune analysis

Corresponding Author: T Sambasiva Rao*, Dr. A. Samba Naik1 Dr. N. Gopalarao2 *K. B. N College, Kothpet, Vijayawada,Andhra Pradesh, India, Email [email protected] K. B. N College, Kothpet, Vijayawada,Andhra Pradesh, India Email [email protected] Acharya Nagarjuna University,Nagarjuna Nagar, 522510,Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India Email id. [email protected] Abstract Probiotics represent a group of useful bacteria that provides a wide […]

Prevalence and Intensity of urinary Schistosomiasis in school children of Anguwan –dodo, a semi-urban community in Gwagwalada, Abuja

Corresponding Author: Biyaya Beatrice Nwankwo1, Adebowale Ernest Onifade2 1 Department of Community Medicine, University of Abuja, Abuja Email: [email protected] Phone: +234-8023805229 2 University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada Abstract Schistosomiasis or bilharziasis was named after Theodore Bilharz a German surgeon who worked in Cairo. He was the first person to identify the aetiological agent Schistosoma […]

Statistical Optimizations of Fermentation Factors on Bioethanol Production from Mahua Flower (Madhuca indica) with Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Response Surface Methodology in Batch Bioreactor

Submission Date October,5,2015 Acceptance Date March,02,2016 Publishing Date March 29,2016 Type of Paper Research Article Mode of Access Open Access Author 1. Dr.Dovari.Surndra Nadh Benarji 2. Prof. Chityala Ayyanna Affiliation 1. Department of Biotechnology,Acharya Nagarjun University,Guntur,522510 2. Director Department of Biotechnology,Al-Ameer College of Engineering and Information Technology Vizag,5310137 Country India  Contact [email protected] Abstract The aim […]

Shifting from modified Petroff’s to NALC-NaOH method for processing of sputum specimens for solid culture

Submission Date Dec 21,2015 Acceptance Date Apr,16,2016 Publishing Date May 10,2016 Type of Paper Research Article Mode of Access Open Access Author Dasarathi Das*, Prakasini Satapathy, Biswanath Murmu Affiliation Tuberculosis Division, Regional Medical Research Centre*, South Eastern Railways Complex, Bhubaneswar-751023, India Country India  Contact [email protected] Abstract Sputum decontamination by modified Petroff’s method is routinely used […]

Molecular detection of diarrheagenic pathotypes of Escherichia coli from diarrheic patients in Keffi, Nigeria

Date of submission : May,21,2016 Acceptance Date    :  June,28,2016 Publication Date    :  Aug,20,2016 Mode of Access      : Open access Authors                 :1Abimiku, R.H.,*1Ngwai, Y.B., 1Nkene, I.H., 2Tatfeng, Y.M. Affiliation               :  1Microbiology Unit, Department of Biological Sciences, Nasarawa State University, […]

Serological and Histochemical Detection of Chlamydophila psittaci in Poultry at Live Bird Markets in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria

Abstract Chlamydophilial infections leading to outbreaks of avian chlamydophilosis in domestic as well as companion birds have been reported worldwide, which reflects in economic loss to the owner and potential zoonotic transmission to humans. Study on the occurrence and prevalence ofChlamydophila psittaci in birds at live bird markets in Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria was carried out using […]

Effect of plant age upon development of necrosis and occurrence of sclerotia, pycnidiospores in moth been infected with Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi.) Goid.

Abstract Root rot of moth bean (Vigna aconitifolia (Jacq.) Marechal, caused by Macrophomina phaseolina is quite prevalent in the moth growing areas of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh state. The pathogen infects the moth plant at all ages and it results in a huge loss. The present study was undertaken to study the development of necrosis and occurrence of sclerotia […]

Isolation and characterization of amino acid producing bacteria from cow dung

Abstract Isolation and characterization of three distinct amino acid producing bacteria from the cow dung (CD) suspensions under aerobic condition have been studied. Based on their morphological and biochemical characteristics, the isolates of white colour bacteria (WCB), red colour bacteria (RCB) and yellow colour bacteria (YCB) were identified to be Gram-positive, rod-shaped and non-motile microbes […]

The Role of Computer Keyboards in spreading pathogenic Bacteria in Hospitals, teaching labs and Homes;And the Effect of Using Alcohol Wipes to Eliminate Contamination

Submission Date : Apr 11,2015 Acceptance Date : June 22,2015 Publishing Date : June 30 ,2015 Type of Paper : Research Article Mode of Access : Open Access Author : Farah Rami Saleh Affiliation :Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques/ Shaqlawa Technical Institute/Erbil, Iraq Country :Iraq Contact :[email protected] Abstract As any other object, Computer keyboards can […]